An absolute black granite waterwall directs Intuit employees to working lunch meetings in Mountain View, California.

White Noise on Black Granite

An absolute black granite waterwall invites Intuit employees with pleasing visuals and acoustics to working lunch meetings in Mountain View, California.

Intuit campus waterwall
Intuit’s “Cook Campus Center” is fronted by the black granite waterwall as the walkway rises up to entrance level.
Stair stepped waterwall basin
The stair stepped waterwall basin changes elevation to match the walkway’s grade while providing small pools for submerged lighting to highlight the walls at night.
Coldspring granite waterwall
Coldspring built the granite wall panels using a multi-axis CNC machine to create the 1/2″ wide x 2″ tall steps while also curving the panels in their horizontal planes. It’s a complicated feat of 3D modeling and stone work only possible with detailed and coordinated drawings between us, AECOM and Coldspring.
Waterwall plan view
Waterwall plan view of reinforced concrete structure.
Intuit campus rain garden
The Intuit campus rain garden included a series of custom solid granite benches machined by Coldspring‘s multi-axis CNCs. The intent was to create a series of meeting places between the buildings where employees could collaborate with the pleasant sound of falling water around them.
Subterranean equipment vault
The subterranean equipment vault included a surge tank where the waterwall’s water-in-transit was stored. This was done by gravity flowing from the wall’s basin to the surge tank so that a tightly controlled water level was always present in the public area for safety and aesthetic purposes. Filtration systems were engineered to maintain water quality for the waterwall, three rain garden features, and a small recessed waterwall at the eating area.

Architects: Gensler

Landscape Architects: AECOM

Structural and Mechanical Design and Engineering: Watershape Consulting Inc.

General Contractor: SC Builders Inc.

Granite: Coldspring

Watershape Subcontractor: Pacific Water Art Inc.