Frequently Asked Questions

Are fees fixed or hourly?

It depends. Most projects are fixed-fee based on bill rates multiplied by each employee’s expected number of hours to complete the project. Some projects, such as expert witness services, are invoiced based on actual hours completed. Occasionally, fixed-fee projects include hourly work for additional scope (e.g., construction observation services) or client-directed changes after certain phases have been completed.

What are reimbursables?

Reimbursable expenses include large-format reprographics, shipping costs, travel, and lodging expenses, etc.

Do you charge a fee when plan-check corrections are required?

No, unless a plan check item is a significant and unforeseen issue that was beyond our control in the original design and documentation. Corrections that should have been addressed in the original submittal are completed without a design or drafting fee; however, additional printing and shipping expenses are still the responsibility of the client.